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This Is Vienna:


An Insider's travel guide to experiencing the best and COOLEST things to do in Vienna

This is a guide to the COOLEST and best things to do in Austria's capital city, Vienna, beyond the tourist cliches, historic buildings and touristy attractions. 

Some people will tell you Vienna's boring, but these people know little about the REAL Vienna, the alternative side to the city that locals love. 

Mastercard and Vienna's leading English-speaking magazine, Vienna Würstelstand, decided to invite a bunch of influencer travel bloggers to the city and take them on a tour of the best places Vienna locals like to eat, shop for their vintage fashion, and drink as part of the city's vibrant nightlife. We also had the travel bloggers having the unique experience of a lifetime – flying around the city on mini go-karts (yes, that's a thing). This guide to an alternative weekend in Vienna is full of fun insider tips on the best things to do in Vienna! Vienna, boring? No (beeping) way!